An easy way to catch a cheating spouse is to learn the traits of a cheating spouse. These are characteristics, habits. or attitudes that you have recently noticed from your spouse.

It's easy to tell and observe traits of a cheating spouse because they may unconsciously do these whether or not they are trying to hide the fact that they are cheating on you. Some of these traits of a cheating spouse are:

1. Your wife suddenly starts nagging a whole lot more and seems very tense all the time.

2. You spous may overreact and pick fights with you over little things, it isn't uncommon for them to use this as an excuse to leave and have some "alone time".

3. You notice that your husband is starting to become like those abusive men you hear about from your friends and TV.

4. A cheating spose will try to cover up and get defensive every time you ask them about any unexplained time.

5. Cheating spouses who have been involved in an affair for a lengthy amount of time, the opposite of what cheating spouses do when they just start cheating, will almost always feel guilty and start becoming very nice. They can be nice by either showering you with material things, or taking you out on special dates. In a cheating sposes mind they are making up for their cheaing by doing this.

6. A cheating wife may seem bored, or even just lays down and all that's missing is for her to say "are you done yet?". An unfaithful wife will try to put off sex with you as long as they can, "saving" themselves for their lovers.

7. If you have a cheating husband, you may notice him wanting to try a different, new approaches, or even learn of a fetish he has had for a while. They may even suggest "pretending", where you and him would pretend you are having sex with different people by calling out their names.

If you are a woman, and you suspect that your husband is cheating on you AND he is physically abusive, you have to act. Abusive men want to control and manipulate everything, and when you try to confront them about an affair, he may end up manipulating you and convincing you that YOU are wrong and paranoid.

If your spouse happens to try to convince you that they are not cheating, when you have clear evidence of this (via spying on your spouse with a cellphone), they might also try to play the blame game. Abusive cheating spouses are masters of manipulating emotions, if you fall for it, you'll just end up depressed. What you want is a compromise, not an abusive spouse telling you that you are always wrong.


I got this article from goarticles. I picked this article because emotional affairs are how all serious affairs start out and I think you should know what it is, how to spot one, and how to prevent it from happening. Continue reading on and I will post more of my comments on it below.

Beginning of article:
What is an emotional affair?

An emotional affair is when your boyfriend or husband starts developing more feelings for a certain individual who was just normally a friend.

When this happenes, your husband will not only divert some of the attention you should be getting to this other girl, but also she will take up his time, and when they are really close and meet up in real life, you can be sure he WILL be spending some cash on her for gifts or dates.

This is also entirely possible ONLINE. Through the internet your husband can meet someone through the numerous sites or chat rooms supporting cheating or "married but looking". An online affair is dangerous, according to research most online affairs start out innocently enough as friendship or just your husband flirting with girls, but 50% of all online affairs develop into a full real life affair, sex and everything that comes with it.

To prevent emotional affairs, online affairs or having your husband cheat on you, you will need to identify this problem before it starts to get worse and develop into a full blown real life affair. Read up on signs of a cheating husband, and emotional affair articles found on my blog. If you have a strong feeling that he is keeping something from you, you should highly consider buying a keylogger or cellphone spy to monitor his online activities and his text messages and calls.

Signs to look out for

Lack of interest - Your husband usually will not spend quality time with you and sees you more of a burden. Instead of enjoying your company like he always did, now he has something else to focus on, and usually can be found on the computer.

Secretive - Your husband is having late night calls, always online the computer, and has lots of "overtime" work. He dismisses everything and tells you he's busy and becomes stressed when you ask him who he talking to, chatting with, or "working" with.

Defensive - Sometimes a cheating husband gets very defensive and tries to turn things around when you ask him if he is cheating. A cheating husband can also get mad at YOU, the nerve, for thinking of such things. This is all an act to try to justify their actions and to make you suspect nothing.

Joking about cheating - This type of cheating husband is the lowest of the low. They will actually joke about it, "sarcastically" sometimes, to try to make you feel silly for even thinking about it. There is, in some cases, something wrong with them, a psychological disorder, that gets them excited by doing this to their wives then meeting with their mistress.

Check out more info on how to catch a cheating husband at my website and feel free to post anonymously if you need any help.

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Source :Infidelity - Is my Husband Having an Emotional Affair?

Well what have I left to say? This article basically sums up emotional affairs and what signs you need to watch out for. Although it is catering to wives more so than husbands, most if it applies to both sexes.

If you suspect an emotional affair, or if you KNOW your husband or wife is heading into an emotional affair (and they do not know) you have to tell them that. Convince them to spend less time with that person. Getting closer to the opposite sex may lead to an emotional affair.

Ways your spouse may get closer to another person is flirting and confiding in them. It will make you sound cruel, but in order to prevent an emotional affair or flirting, you must tell your spouse to keep some distance or even ignore the person moving in. And also talk to the other person if you must, tell him or her that she is crossing the line from friend to something more, which is bad as the only person your spouse should be confiding in intimate secrets is you.

I also recommend checking out Kris' site, it has tons more of information than this, and I have used one of her guides to help out my friend. I'm as tech savy as the next person, but I also am lazy so I would rather recommend her guide than have to write something very similar.

Will try to post more as soon as I can, meanwhile check out the article I have already written titled "signs of a cheating spoouse"


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